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We provide all the services you need to have your own micro finance department without the cost or staff commitment. You can choose one or all of the following services:


We use sophisticated software to provide both Management and Statutory Accounts for the following type of businesses

We offer an efficient and competitive accounts preparation service for limited companies and produce accurate financial statements to suit the directors’ needs and meet legal requirements.

We ensure that we work to your required timescale and assist in the understanding of the content of these statements. The extent of our work is tailored to the size of your company and your specific requirements.


We assist you with your quality book-keeping that produces accurate VAT returns and provide explicit calculations. We can take the burden off you for the day-to-day bookkeeping work, including invoicing and credit control. This gives you more time to look after your business.There are many reasons why an enquiry may be triggered. If you are the subject of a HMRC VAT investigation then you need competent professional advice.


We provide an independent advisory service and practical support to UK businesses owners and directors to assist, negotiate and apply company recovery plans for accumulated debts. This can include implementing an effective credit management system, adjusting marketing strategies or negotiations with suppliers.

When you are thinking of business development and seek funding, we can provide the take-off platform in the shape of a Business Plan with financial projections to put any prospective lender or investor in the picture.


We submit Self-Assessment Tax Returns for individuals whether sole traders that are self-employed and directors of limited companies.

We can analyze your Self-assessment tax return to see if any tax savings can be made and review it to see if there are any anomalies that need to be addressed before the return is submitted. This process helps to minimize your risk of an HM Revenue & Customs enquiry into your tax affairs.


This service is available for any size of business on a weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly basis and includes the following

  • Production of payslips and RTI required submissions
  • Auto Enrolment administration
  • Redundancy calculations and Holiday pay calculations
  • SSP/SMP calculations

Inheritance tax can cost loved ones hundreds of thousands in the event of your death, yet it’s possible to legally avoid huge sums of it, or possibly pay none at all. When you die, the Government assesses how much your estate is worth, and then deducts your debts from this to give the value of your estate. Your assets include: Cash in the bank; Investments; Any property or business you own and Payouts from life insurance policies.


We can also provide HR services that include interviewing, job specifications and employment contracts with full support with Administrative tasks & Call Handling for your business.