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Business Support And Finance

Here's What We Do Better

We provide an independent advisory service and practical support to UK businesses owners and directors to assist, negotiate and apply company recovery plans for accumulated debts. This can include implementing an effective credit management system, adjusting marketing strategies or negotiations with suppliers.

When you are thinking of business development and seek funding, we can provide the take-off platform in the shape of a Business Plan with financial projections to put any prospective lender or investor in the picture.

We can also plan and arrange financial restructuring, should your business need it.  We can support you with applications for loans or grants.


  • We can undertake workforce restructuring with consideration to TUPE restrictions
  • Transfer of the company name and observation of Section 216 requirements
  • Negotiation with Lenders, Leasing Companies, Suppliers and Landlords
  • Assistance with completing Directors Questionnaires and other documents
  • Negotiating to ensure all terms are acceptable and affordable.


Whether its taxation or debt management advice, if you have a business need, you can be sure that you will get the help you require.