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Experience, Not just service.

Whether yours is a start-up, early-stage or established business, competent accounting is the foundation for good financial management and control; everything starts here. We provide a nationwide service through our three offices in London, Glasgow, and Aberdeen.

Supporting our client

like you

We provide all the services you need to have your own micro finance department without the cost or staff commitment. You can choose one or all services. We can add credit control, cash-flow management and business support on top if required, to give you an all-embracing solution, all for a fixed monthly fee.

We can do it all, or simply do the parts that your staff can’t deal with. You can outsource as much or as little as you need to; accounting, taxation etc. One thing is certain, if your finances are well managed then you’ll have more freedom to concentrate on making money.

Annual Accounts


Tax Returns


Is your business drowning under issues with HMRC?

We specialize in dealing with the following:


The likelihood of a tax investigation or enquiry has never been higher.

Most tax enquiries are generated by computer “risk profiling” and many are selected completely at random. As a result, HMRC sometimes picks the wrong targets. Even if you have done nothing wrong, the taxman will not give up and will still try hard to find errors. Talk to us at Bergen now.

Make A Switch

If you are thinking about changing your accounting service provider then we can help you make the change trouble free.

reason to switch

Even if you have an accounting services provider, there are many good reasons to switch to Bergen, not least the vast business and accounting experience we have.

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If you are considering a change in accounting services, Bergen Associates are confident we are meet your need.

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Reasons To Switch

If you are thinking about changing your accounting service provider then we can help you make the change trouble free.

Not just book-keeping

Traditional practices just do book-keeping but we offer business advice and support backed with many years of experience to help our clients’ growth.

Building relationship

Regular contact with our clients creates an avenue to understand their business to anticipate their needs rather than one off meeting each year.

No business is too small

Whether yours is a start-up, early-stage or established business, we provide support and can help with business plans and funding to help
your grow.

Billing & fees

We understand that businesses need to maintain good cash flow. This why we offer flexible payments spread over 12 months for our fees rather than lump sum payments at inconvenient times. All our fees are clear and agreed.

You are insured – free

You can have real peace of mind when you use our services. Our fees our covered in the event of an HMRC enquiry or investigation. T &Cs apply.


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Bergen Associates In A Nutshell!

Our Testimonials

Peter Stewart
Aberkil Pest Control

“It’s been a great relief to use Bergen to handle my paperwork. I can now get on with my work without having the bother of dealing with a pile of invoices.””Bergen sorted out my problem of unpaid customer invoices. My requests for money had been ignored but they responded to Bergen and I received my money. I have no hesitation in recommending Bergen to any company that has difficulty in getting their invoices paid.”

Eduardo Severino
Eduardo Severino
Piccolino Wines

“I am pleased that Bergen Associates helped me with the set-up of my business, and making the successful licensing application on my behalf.Mr. Mustafa’s knowledge and experience has helped me immensely, and I can recommend Bergen without hesitation.”

Brian Woodcock, Business Media Specialist

I have just had my annual accounts and corporation tax return prepared by Ola Soyombo at Bergen Associates. The work was undertaken within an extremely tight deadline and was my first time dealing with the company. Absolutely first-class service with great on-going communication. I won’t be going anywhere else from now on! Many thanks Ola and Bergen Associates.

Karine Franck

The best accountant that you can find in Aberdeen! Great advises, always available and good price for services.

Ridge Fernandez

Good service, clear advice, and great price. Good impartial advice. Would recommend to anyone.

Maria Orzeg-Wydra

Great service, professional and impartial at all times. Highly recommend.


Excellent advice. Very competent in meeting deadlines. Very happy to use their service.